Delegation and Prioritization Seminar For RN's And LPN's

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What's New On The
What's New On The NCLEX?

This entire booklet has just been updated; 2nd Edition.
Is brought to you exclusively by Caring 4 You. It is now only available in this Seminar. It encompasses the first 10 pages of the booklet. This entire seminar has just been updated for you. The 7 CD's now come with a 50 page work booklet with plenty of room for you to take your own notes as you follow along on the CD's. This was done over a one year period with thousands of students sharing their NCLEX experiences. It must be noted here that Caring 4 You will in no way compromise the NCLEX by knowingly sharing actual NCLEX questions.

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What's New On The
Understand Delegation

This entire mp3 eSeries has just been updated; 2nd Edition.
Understanding Delegation. What is Delegation? Know the different levels of nursing so that you can understand who to delegate what to. The 4 A's of delegation helps you to understand what delegation is and much more!

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Delegating and Prioritizing in a Disaster

Understand how to prioritize using safety and Maslow. The NCLEX test plan is broken down here.
Know the difference between internal, external and natural disasters and how to delegate and prioritize should such an event occur. The NCLEX is heavy on this!

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Delegating and
                                    Prioritizing in a Disaster
Test Taking Tips and Stategies

Upon doing some practice questions, people usual have 3-5 weaknesses in the way they answer questions. I will explain this and much more as to what you can do to help you study more effectively and time efficently.

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Concept behind the
Concept Behind The Nclex
Test Day Preparation
This is a great mp3 to put your NCLEX myth worries to rest! I excplain the concept behind the NCLEX that even your instructors and other NCLEX reviewers do not understand. I go over what to expect the day of the test and after.

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Prioritization and delegation Quizzes.

Updated Frequently
These quizzes are used throughout the seminar.  I use these quizzes to help you learn how to answer the questions correctly by figuring out your weakness while you take your exams. You will need these quizzes to refer to as a use them throughout the seminar or you can buy them separately. [ click here ] for description and free sample.

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Delegation and
                                  Prioirtization Quizzes
Learning Meditation for the NCLEX

Anxiety is a big part in taking any test, exam or quiz. Please use tis CD each time you study. You may use it before you study or after you study. This CD is only 15 minutes in length. I made it that way so that you can repeat it as you like.

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Play NCLEX Jeopardy!

New and just created. Two rounds on one CD!
Round one covers  pages 1-32 in the booklet and round two covers r pages 32-50 in the booklet.
I made this for a live seminar but if you have powerpoint and a group of friends, take the Jeopardy Challenge and see how you do! Fun for the whole study group!

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There are so many testimonials, they can't ALL be mentioned here!
I can't believe I passed the exam, to think that I don't have any experience and for 14 years I was in another field. She's my angel, she's the best, she's a superwoman. She's like a sister to me. She really helps everybody. Join her review and you will not regret. You're in the right track. GO! - Thess
Dear Anneliese,

I took your seminar and I wanted to thank you so very much for all your help and support through this difficult time. I'm so happy to say that I PASSED my exam with all 265 questions. I'm now officially and RN!!!! So so happy and wanted to thank u again for being so kind and helpful!MBG

I feel that you were very thorough. The outlines were good. The quizzes were very helpful. A+ really helpful tips. WRITE A BOOK! - Kelly

Thanks Anneliese

I passed. I had 75 questions...and over 10 of them were the choose all that apply questions. and tons and tons of who do you see first. That delegation info you gave was fabulous. Thanks again! - Kristina

I honestly think your program is excellent. You go into great detail how to answer and what to look for in a question. Don't change anything in the teaching style! for - Carolyn

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